Our puppy orientation is a great way to ensure your new family member starts out on the right paw!  The orientation is intended for puppies 8 weeks to 4 months old.  During the orientation we go over everything you need to know about new puppy ownership and you will leave with the tools, skills, and foundation to build an enduring bond with your pup!

  • Housebreaking: Before any accidents happen, we will go over the basics of housebreaking so that you have a fully house-trained pup in 7-14 days.  We will base your pup’s housebreaking scheduled based on YOUR daily schedule to help better integrate your new puppy into your home.
  • Annoying Puppy Behaviors: Barking, chewing, play biting, and jumping are to be expected with a new puppy.  We will teach you how to start curbing these behaviors NOW so they don’t become larger problems later.
  • Socialization: Perhaps one of the most important parts of having a well-rounded, even tempered dog is carefully and slowly introducing Fido to new environments, sounds, smells, other animals, and people. We will go over how to socialize your pup to increase confidence and set a healthy foundation for further training.
  • Types of collars and leashes: there are many out there, we will teach you the pros and cons and help determine what’s best for your puppy.
  • Name Recognition: teaching your new puppy his name is the foundation of all training.  We will teach you an easy way to get eye contact with your pup when you call his name.
  • Basic loose leash walking: As Fido grows older, we offer puppy classes that cater specifically to loose leash basics with Fido.
  • Introduction to Basic Commands: we will show you how to start teaching the basics: sit, down, and leave it.
  • Veterinary and Grooming:  We will cover the important medical things to watch out for as well as proper hygiene and scheduling.
  • Food: If you are having trouble figuring out what to feed your new puppy, we can help!  There are many great foods out there as well as foods you should avoid.  You will drive yourself crazy trying to decide what to feed your new puppy, let us educate you on a the foods we recommend based on years of experience, and based on your particular puppy.
  • Toys: There are two main categories of toys:  Unsupervised and Supervised.  We will go over the difference and help you to better understand when certain toys should and should not be used.


Upon completion of our Puppy Orientation your next step in furthering Fido’s training is our Boot camp program. Puppies can enlist in the program once they have turned 5 months old.  Board your pup AND have him trained with guaranteed results…find out more here