Monica joined our team in November of 2017 and brought with her a multitude of experience spanning the animal spectrum.  In 2006 her compassion for animals grew when she began working with dogs while helping maintain a branch of the Pennsylvania SPCA.  While dogs awaited their forever homes, Monica trained them in basic obedience and social manners to help make them more adoptable.  Once seeing the difference training can make in a dog’s life, she knew she wanted to work with dogs.

When Monica moved to Maryland she started working as a Vet Tech where she was involved with not only the healthcare aspect of a dog’s life but the behavioral side as well.  She began teaching owners how to properly train as well as provide healthcare advice through a weekly clinic and basic obedience and socialization class.  Her passion grew through working with the harder to handle dogs, and dogs with more severe anxiety and aggression issues, which drove her to pursue a full time career as a dog trainer.  Monica often trains our ‘tougher’ dogs that need more socialization as they seem to bond with and trust her quickly.