Hannah has worked with us since May of 2019, however, she has been working professionally with dogs since 2014. She has worked in our kennel, in the office, and now as a member of our training team! Hannah brings with her a broad range of past animal care experience including managing dog daycare facilities, working in animal shelters, dog training, and veterinary assisting.

What clients are saying:

“We are so impressed with our 9 month old puppy’s progress after 3 weeks.  The change is so drastic we can’t believe he is the same puppy.  You can see his wheels turning as he processes commands.  Before he was too excited to think.  Hannah did an amazing job training him!  He is taking commands from us way better than we expected.  Thank you for helping our puppy with his manners!” -Koda’s Family

“Hannah worked with our dog and she’s fantastic. She took the time to truly get to know our dog and had detailed feedback when we met after his boot camp. LOVE that they offer boarding services to dogs that aren’t in boot camp so we can keep both of our babies there when on vacation.” -Ballard’s Family

“Hannah was great as was the rest of the staff. I would recommend to any/every dog owner.” -Yeti’s Family

“At drop off we met with Hannah (his lead trainer), and went through a comprehensive discussion about Dune’s needs and our expectations. Additionally they weighed Dune and got him settled in while we were given a tour of the facility. It was tough to leave him for 3 weeks but we felt like he was in very capable hands. I had twice per week check ins with Hannah who kept me up to date on his training progress, also each time I called in for our check in I was given an update on his boarding (eating, interactions with other dogs, bathroom status, etc). Each time everyone was informative and patient with my questions. As an example of their thoroughness, during one of my calls I was informed that he lost about 1 1/2 pounds due to all of the exercise they received so they increased his daily food intake to compensate (he weighed 54 pounds when I dropped him off, so 1 1/2 pounds wasn’t a huge deal)! During all of my check ins Hannah told me how well he was progressing but of course I was a bit apprehensive since everyone measured progress differently.

3 weeks later in mid September on pick up day, I was ready to see it for myself! I was beyond impressed! He was like a new dog, who gained years of obedience and maturity in just 3 weeks! He knew all of the commands, he walked well on the leash, his focus was laser like and he acted as his job was to wait for us to issue him the next command and he would happily comply! He was clearly very fond of the staff at Premier, especially Hannah. We spent 3 weeks at the beach with him, primarily off leash and he was perfect! Despite having many distractions he was always focused on us, wanting to listen and please us!” -Dune’s Family