Our daycare is designed by certified behavior experts and all sizes, ages, and breeds are welcome.   Our facility is equipped with indoor and outdoor play areas so rain or shine they get to play! Daycare allows you to go to work and not have to worry about your pup while you’re gone all day.  Our daycare program affords your dog the advantages of continued socialization and stimulation while you’re working to bring home the bacon.

Our daycare program is designed for dogs that do well with other pups, as well as ones that prefer their human friends! For dogs that play well with others (or you don’t yet know if they do) we will temperament test them to find the right fit for each dog and all group play supervised by our extensively trained staff! We have three different playgroups based off of energy level and temperament which allows us to provide the safest, most positive playtime experience we can! These playgroups cycle throughout the day to ensure that the dogs don’t get burnt out and cranky. Puppies can be just like toddlers and don’t realize when they need a nap! For the dogs that aren’t so social, we offer solo playtime with the staff throughout the day in addition to their regular potty walks. 

The foundation of our facility is based on training and establishing better communication with your 4-legged family members so if we work on getting your dog to respond better, it makes our job easier while they are here… it’s a win-win for everyone! Therefore, your dog will receive FREE TRAINING while hanging out with us.  The training includes:

  • Working on not jumping
  • Better leash manners
  • Better name recognition
  • Better social skills with other dogs and people
  • Sitting and waiting for a treat
  • Waiting before going in and out of doors and gates


Pay by the day


Packages (daycare only)

10 Day Package: $300 ($30/day)
20 Day Package: $560 ($28/day)

Looking to schedule daycare? Click here for new clients or here for existing ones!