Connor has been working with us since 2018, first as a member of our kennel staff before quickly joining our training team! It became clear right away that he has a knack for reading dogs and he always forms incredibly strong bonds with each and every dog he trains. Connor has two pups of his own, a pit bull mix named Roxanne and a Doodle named Molly!

What clients are saying:

Connor and PDT, thank you all for taking the best care of Tally. We were his 4th home in 10 months, and after working with him independently for 2.5 years without much improvement, we were a little worried about his behavioral issues. He has been a completely different dog since returning home from boot camp 2 weeks ago. He has an amazing confidence and seems at peace when he is home and in his “place.” We can’t wait to bring him back for refreshers!

-Tally’s Family

Premier dog training has done wonders for my 10 month old Husky! Before boot camp, she had issues with nipping and resource guarding. It was tough leaving her for those 3 weeks, but the staff was great about keeping us updated on her progress and would post pictures of her with all new friends. I would like to thank everyone, especially her trainer Connor, who has done an excellent job with her! We plan to continue bringing Ariel to PDT for boarding whenever we travel to Florida.

-Ariel’s Family

Connor has worked magic with my dog Dex! I finally have hope that walks and outings can be fun and relaxing for both of us instead of stressful! I can’t wait to continue practicing with Dex and helping him become better and better.

-Dex’s Family

Throughout our entire process from the training program to boarding you guys have been phenomenal. We cannot say enough good things about you and your staff. The fact that every time Rouc comes he gets so excited to see Connor and that you all take such good care of him, is something we are beyond grateful for. The training he received has stuck really well as we continue to work with him 2 years later. And knowing that he gets some refreshers every time he comes for a “visit” just helps us to stay focused on keeping up with his training. We definitely will continue to utilize your services with Rouc and any future animals :). Thank you all so very very much!!

-Rouc’s Family