"Premier literally saved my dog's life.  She is a rescue from a raid on a drug house where they had been teaching her to be mean and were using her as a guard dog.  Premier's team were able to build on her training foundation so that she now understands her role, and our relationship is stronger because of that.  We had exhausted all of our options and these guys were our last hope; because of them we were able to cancel our appointment with the vet to discuss what every owner dreads due to her unpredictability and aggression issues.  Thank you just doesn't cover it.”

Our behavior modification training is designed to work on issues such as anxiety, aggression, and building confidence! Is your dog fearful of other dogs and/or people? Has your dog ever bitten another dog and/or person? Are you noticing escalating unwanted behavioral issues? We can help.

We don’t have a set length of time when working with behavioral issues since every dog is so different. The severity and complexity of the issues we will be addressing will determine how long it takes to help your dog become more confident and learn proper behaviors. 

Helping your dog re-learn better social manners and building confidence takes time as we need to replicate situations and scenarios proactively so that we can teach them better responses to perceived threats. We will slowly introduce triggers and make positive associations while laying a more solid obedience foundation so that we can use those commands in real life situations.

We custom tailor our behavioral modification programs to fit the needs of each individual dog and client.  


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