Amanda joined our team in 2016 as a kennel technician and quickly transitioned into our training program! She has played an invaluable role in our training department and through her empathy and kindness has helped countless fearful dogs gain the confidence they need to face the world! Amanda is also Mom to two adorable little boys as well as her little dog, Moo.

What clients are saying:

Our dog Maddie LOVES Premier Dog Training & Boarding! She started there last year and did the off-leash boot camp. We dropped off a hot mess (she destroyed several pieces of furniture by chewing, ran around the house like an uncontrolled horse – she’s a big girl! – , wouldn’t listen, puppy biting…., needless to say, she had a ton of issues!) We had no idea about how to really train a dog aside from sit and shake hands. But, we received a trained dog when she finished boot camp and the staff worked with us to understand how to keep her momentum going!  Maddie returns at least every other month for brief stays to tackle new skills (not new issues). She absolutely loves the place and staff, is excited when she arrives and returns home having gained increased confidence. The staff are so kind and caring and have gone out of their way to help Maddie be a success. We never worry at all about Maddie when she is there. She loves the staff and thrives in the environment. I would and have recommended PDT to all without any reservations. 

-Maddie’s Family

I don’t usually leave reviews, but the change in my dog even after two days home is just incredible.  This training really brought out his wonderful temperament and just absolutely lovable personality.

-Thor’s Family

We brought two of our pups to premier for boot camp (one two year old female, the other 5ish). They randomly developed severe aggression towards each other despite being best friends previously. After the boot camp we worked with the dogs and they are back to being best friends. I was cautiously optimistic but premier gives you the tools you need to really get the best out of your furry friends.

-Jake & Chelsea’s Family