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We started and designed boot camp structured programs many years ago. We lay a solid obedience foundation, then work with you and your dog during included follow ups.

Custom Tailored Programs

Every dog is different, we will help you choose the program that's best for you and your dog based on the specific issues you're experiencing and your ultimate goals

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We stand behind our training. Free lifetime follow ups, phone support, and included refresher training during future boarding stays!

Boot Camp
Our most popular training program
Your dogs home away from home
A full day of fun!
Puppy Orientation
Start your puppy off on the right paw!

Training is fun, here's the proof:

Training Programs

Unlimited free refresher training for the life of your dog included in our Boot Camp programs
On Leash Boot Camp

On Leash Boot Camp

2 Weeks

On-leash program designed to lay a solid obedience foundation. This program is for dogs who don't have behavioral problems and for owners who are looking to have their dogs learn basic commands on leash with some distractions.

Off Leash Boot Camp

Off Leash Boot Camp

3 Weeks

On and off-leash program designed to establish the highest degree of owner/dog communication with reliable results through insightful instruction with the end result being a well mannered, obedient dog. Your dog will be taught to respond to all of the commands the FIRST time they are issued on and off leash.

Multiple Dog Boot Camp

Multiple Dog Boot Camp

4 Weeks

Do you have multiple dogs you want to enroll in our on leash or off leash program? When enrolling 2 or more pups, we include an additional FREE week of boarding and training in order to solidify and fine tune their training together!

Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification

3-6 Weeks

Our behavior modification training is designed to work on issues such as anxiety, aggression, and building confidence! Is your dog fearful of other dogs and/or people? Has your dog ever bitten another dog and/or person? Are you noticing escalating unwanted behavioral issues? We can help.

Puppy Immersion Program

Puppy Immersion Program

10 Days

For puppies under 4 months old. This program helps lay the groundwork for a more obedient dog in the future! We start with introduction to the leash and collar, focus work and name recognition, introduction to commands, and more! A good option for those who want more than the Puppy Orientation.

Puppy Orientation

Puppy Orientation

2 hour session

One on one session for puppies 8-12 weeks old. We will teach you everything you need to know about new puppy ownership to ensure every experience with people, other dogs, and everyday objects are done appropriately, and that positive associations are made so that they have a solid foundation and reference points as they grow and mature.

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