Hank M.

We adopted a 2 year old street dog from S.C. who the shelter said was ‘good with cats.’ We got him home and his prey drive was out of control. He wouldn’t take treats from us because he was so traumatized. When we fed him, he would take the food, bite by bite, to the corner to eat it. And he chewed everything. EVERYTHING. The vet said he had probably never had obedience training, and might never have been an indoor dog. We were committed to him, but we were losing our minds. So we sent him to Premier, for boot camp (off-leash because of the cats).

He came back a new dog. He followed all his basic commands. He didn’t chew things. I won’t say the cat problem was cured right away, but it was still a miraculous difference. The home visit after boot camp helped us correct what we were doing that was confusing him. We take him now to day care at Premier several times a week. He loves it, and clearly they love him. We went on vacation and boarded him with them, and they gave him a refresher course while he was there.

Overall, he has learned how to be a dog, so to speak. He has relaxed into family life. However, he and we could never have done it without Premier. If we could give them 6 stars we would.