Amanda joined us when we moved into our new facility, and has been training under Rick and Jes since. To better learn the ins and outs of training, Amanda actually started working in the kennel to perfect her dog handling techniques and to better learn to read dog behavior in a higher energy environment. This has proven invaluable as she challenges herself daily to learn and perfect her training, and having worked on both the care taking and training sides of the animal spectrum, she is able to connect with each individual dog she works with; and that seemingly minor detail makes a world of difference in her end results. Her love and passion for training and dogs shows the second she greets her dogs…this type of bond can never be taught, and we are happy to add Amanda to our diverse training team!

Amanda has a previously abused rescue dog that she rehabilitated and trained to be a wonderful companion animal, and her puppy was her motivation for seeking out an apprenticeship as a trainer. The bond Amanda has with her dog translates into the relationships she builds with every dog she trains.